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Monday, 22 April 2019

Champneys Spring Spa Day

Spring is finally here! The birds are singing, the sun is shining and my grey legs are finally seeing the light of day - sorry everyone! Despite being a January baby, I loathe winter and definitely feel the effects of SAD in the depths of January and February. Post-Christmas, I am only good for slothing under a heated blanket, eating dirty vegan food and as the cliche goes, binging Netflix series. I will certainly not be down the gym, juicing or committing to fitness resolutions whilst my toes are cold and the nights are long. Come Spring however I feel like a new woman, there is an energy that comes with more sunlight and warmer weather, you can almost feel nature emerge from hibernation and now is the time I feel ready to put my plans into action - be it fitness, testing new recipes or booking a much-needed spa day!

My sister is 7 months pregnant and my mum kindly treated us to a Champneys Spa day back in March for some much needed pampering and catchup time before out little nephew arrives. Champneys Forest Mere is set in beautiful countryside overlooking a lake and the moment you arrive and slip into fluffy robes and slippers, you can feel your shoulders drop and can just focus on chilling (or hitting the gym and classes if the mood takes you), eating lovely clean food and sipping Sencha Green tea on the sunny terrace.

Beautiful vegan bircher muesli and exotic fruit are on offer on arrival and an array of rainbow salads and hot dishes for lunch. Steam-rooms, ice-rooms, hydrotherapy pools and various classes follow and a much needed bespoke massage for the 3 of us. As usual a giggle in the outdoor hot tub as I mistakenly plant my bottom infront of a powerful water jet only to be propelled into a unsuspecting stranger. All part of the fun!

It really is a blissful retreat and we have since agreed to make it an annual Spring treat for the 3 of us. I like the idea of having mini rituals throughout the year. What do you love about Spring? x

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