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Monday, 22 April 2019

Why Spring is the best time to put plans into action!

My dad is a keen gardener and is still trying to get me to enjoy weeding, bless him for trying but he says winter is the time for planning and preparation in the garden. He kindly helped us weed, trim back, re-soil and plant back in February, so we can now enjoy the first few buds and flowers emerge now that Spring is here! Why am I banging on about weeding? Well this is the first winter I took this planning and preparation advice and applied it to my life goals. Rather than dread the first week of January, I embraced this cosy, quiet time and used the longer time spent indoors to clear-out clutter and stagnation in my home (something I would have usually left until Spring), read books to motivate and inspire (The Million Dollar Blog, The Working Woman's Handbook and An Edited Life) and set about formulating plans to achieve some personal goals for the coming year. I was lucky enough to get a Law of Attraction planner (vegan friendly) from my wishlist at Christmas and this really helped me set realistic goals for the coming weeks and months.

In previous years I have simply written off January and February, missing out on these precious early months of R and R, planning and preparation for the year ahead. I am so glad I chose to utilise them this year, as Spring is the best time to put winter planning into action. Spring is the season of new life and new beginnings. More daylight means more energy and the motivation to set best laid plans into motion. Be it a Spring detox, a new workout regime, starting that blog you've been banging on about for all these years (yes, that's me), applying for a new job or just doing something you've always wanted to try. Make this Spring the one you tackle those life goals and who knows, by next Spring you may have just achieved them!

What do you hope to achieve this year? x


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